Yves Morier…A judge who paints…!!!!

Born in Saint-Hyacinthe on October 6, 1945 and graduated in law from Université Laval in 1969.

Lawyer in private practice in all matters, civil, criminal, matrimonial and business law from 1970 to 1978 in the La Survivance building, rue Girouard, Saint-Hyacinthe.

Acted as a criminal prosecutor for the Department of Justice as Deputy Attorney General (Crown Prosecutor) from June 1978 to August 1983.

A few works

Kiosque du carré Royal de Sorel pour le Barreau de Richelieu
En cette journée internationale du droit des femmes je vous présente mon interprétation du couvent de la communauté fondée par une Grande Femme : Catherine-Aurélie-Caouette
Maison Pierre-Mourier
Yves Morier - Joyau maskoutain
Yves Morier - Le 1555 en fêtes

What’s new?

  • Art and friendship

    SHE is presently attracted by abstract explosions looking like firmaments; HE is attracted by the tulips’ vivid colors and the patrimonial houses. All together, they prove that art allows to encounters that may become strong friendships. This contrasting duo is formed by Saint-Hyacinthe painters Doris......

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  • An artist’s impulses and a judge’s escapes

    One is an artist in the soul, the other defines himself as a Judge who paints. Doris Chasse and Yves Morier wanted to give themselves a personal challenge: a duo exposition. This is the result of this challenge they are presenting at the T.-A. St-Germain......

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  • The painting Judge

    He jealously keeps home a painting from his old aunt Rebecca. Judge Morier has first admired others’ paintings, during many years, before starting to paint by himself. He would then cover the art galleries circuit, even going to New York City, to satisfy his passion......

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