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In Action!

You will find in this section some pictures of M. Yves Morier at work, his «painting work». Others pictures will
coming soon...

Last 31 october 2010 , during the unhooking of his painting 0158 : Jadis à Wigwomadensis at the beaux-arts museum of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.....an exhibit exposition on the theme : The space and the time for the autumnal Salon.....

              The  65 ieme. birth anniversary of the autodidact painter Yves Morier at dawn of is pension as     

               a Quebec Court judge in civils and criminals matters.....!!!.....

Symposium Visit'art , june  2010 ,

Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec , Canada .


moulin« Le vieux moulin »
L'Île aux Coudres









st-paulPeintres au repos
11 octobre 1997









rêves d'autome «Rêves d'automne»
Baie St-Paul
11 octobre 1997















sentier des couleursLe «Sentier des couleurs »
16 août 1998









gerardGérard (painter's father) at
«Sérénité» Exposition 
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